Change mouse cursors in Ubuntu. Left Handed cursor theme

I’m left-handed and I use to have the mouse at the left-side of my desktop. Unfortunally mouse pointers are for right-handed people and always point to the left. This is a little bit confusing (Yes you can think I’m a strange person :-) ) and I googled a little to find a cursor theme for left-handed people.

First you have to install a cursor theme that supports left-handed people. Ubuntu and Debian standard repos have the very nice comix cursors theme. Ubuntu does not install a very usefull (for me) utility gcursor. It give you a nice GUI to select the cursor theme for your user. With Ubuntu simply install the cursor theme and gcursor and thas follows:

sudo apt-get install comixcursors gcursor

Now simply go in System->Preferences->Cursor Selection and choose the cursor theme you prefer.

Where you can find this page?:


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